Continued Advances in OLED Technologies and Materials Accelerate the Emergence of New High Performance Displays and Lighting Products
Barry Young,
March 26, 2010

While the prudent were right to expect continued ‘coming soon’ messages on larger OLED TVs since LG’s Samsung’s and Sony’s demos shown at last year’s CES, even the optimists have been surprised by the influx of small- and medium-sized OLED displays into handheld devices in the last 12 months. Who would have predicted that at CES 2010 Google would introduce its own handset with a large, high-resolution OLED display? And, almost concurrently, that Osram would introduce a commercial OLED lighting product? With the progress of the past year, 2010 looks to be an even more exciting year for OLEDs in both the display and lighting arenas.

Turning Solution OLEDs Into Reality
William Feehery,
May 20, 2008

The goal is to make OLEDs into a high performance, low cost display.

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