Super HD AMOLED ! SMD continues to make progress increasing display pixel density.
September 12, 2011

Recently at IFA 2011 in Germany, SEC demonstrated a 5.3” AMOLED GALAXYNOTE and a 7.7” AMOLED GALAXYTAB 7.7.  The GALAXYNOTE with a 5.3” AMOLED, called Super HD AMOLED is designed with Pentile technology, which provides for increased pixel density.   In terms of ppi, the AMOLED displays have been noticeable lower than the 327 ppi of Apple’s retina display.  However, by incorporating PenTile technology, SMD developed a 170ppi 1280 x 800 in a 7.7” AMOLED display and 285ppi 1280 x 800 at a 5.3” AMOLED display.  SMD continues to make progress increasing display pixel density.  RGBG PenTile has been criticized in the past because it had a characteristic grain in some circumstances. On AMOLED especially it wound up being distracting more than it was novel, and on 4" displays, it seemed that subpixels were visible with the naked eye and average visual acuity. Furthermore there were some issues with an offset pattern like RGBG and the UI direction Android was taking. Single pixel wide UI elements, some text, and solid primary colors were the main culprits where RGBG could, without considerable scrutiny, look characteristically grainy. As the pixel density increases, these criticisms have been ameliorated.






Resolution Pixel Type ppi With Sub-pixel





GALAXY S1 4 800 x 480 Pentile 233 155 AMOLED LTPS
GALAXY S2 4.3 800 x 480 RGB 217 217 AMOLED LTPS
GALAXY 4.5 800 x 480 RGB 207 207 AMOLED LTPS
GALAXYNOTE 5.3 1280x800 RGB 285 190 AMOLED LTPS
GALAXYTAB 7 1024x600 RGB 170 170 LCD a-Si
GALAXYTAB7.7 7.7 1280x800 RGB 196 196 AMOLED LTPS
GALAXYTAB8.9 8.9 1280x800 RGB 170 170 LCD a-Si
GALAXYTAB10.1 10.1 1280x800 RGB 150 150 LCD a-Si
iPhone3GS 3.5 480x320 RGB 165 165 LCD a-Si
iPhone4 3.7 960x640 RGB 314 314 LCD LTPS
iPad1 9.7 1024x768 RGB 132 132 LCD a-Si
iPad2 9.7 1024x768 RGB 132 132 LCD a-Si
iPad3 9.7 2048x1536 RGB 264 264 LCD a-Si


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