Samsung Confuses Market with QLED Name
January 10, 2017




A few years ago Samsung released a new TV and called it an LED TV.  But we all new it was still an LCD. At the 2017 CES, Samsung released a new TV and called it a QLED, but it is still an LCD with a QD film enhanced backlight. Why doesn’t Samsung like the term LCD?  A Samsung spokesman said the company did not comment on speculation but Samsung is trying to match the quality of OLED displays with its own ‘SUHD’ Quantum Dot TVs, but more often than not, OLED has been rated higher. Samsung is hoping to change that in 2017 with its new ‘QLED’ TVs, which were shown off at CES this week. There will be three ‘QLED’ TVs coming this year, the Q9F (flat) Q8C (curved) and a cheaper Q7. So what’s the big difference between QLED and Samsung’s previous ‘SUHD’ displays? They are actually the same, still using QD films to enhance the LED backlight, still use LCs as a filter, still have poor contrast ratio, response time, viewing angles and black levels when compared to OLEDs. Although Samsung adopted the term QLED, which has up to know symbolized the use of electroluminescent QDs, the new products still use QDs as photoluminescent devices. QLED TVs will come in 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch and 88-inch models. The new Q9F flagship TV improves on last year’s KS9500 in a number of ways, including a higher peak brightness of 2000 nits and 100 percent coverage of the DCI color gamut used in the majority of 4K Blu-Rays. Finally, these new displays will also have an improved backlight, allowing the display to be lit from multiple directions rather than just one. Pricing isn’t here just yet but Samsung will begin rolling out its new models in March, which will also mean some pretty good sales on its 2016 range of SUHD TVs.

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