Luminit Offers New Light Extraction and Shaping Material
December 22, 2016



Seth Coe was the founder of QD Vision and served as its CEO and CTO. He is a visionary in the field and before the company was sold to Samsung, started a new career with Luminit. Founded in 2006, the company is a global provider of innovative light management solutions for the lighting, display, automotive, aerospace, biomedical, and machine vision industries. It is a privately held, profitable small business  with 70 employees in he U.S., manufacturing films, including: Light Shaping Diffusers, Round Tip Display Film, Directional Turning Film, Edge Lit Uniformity Tape, Prismatic Films and they come in a variety of form factors. He came to the OLED Stakeholder’s meeting to talk about light shaping diffusers, which are used in holographic applications and can be produced on rigid or flexible. He pitched the Light Shaping Diffusers, which has the improbable abbreviation of LSD, as an optional source for external or internal light extraction for OLED lighting.  Its microstructure can be replicated in high and low index materials and the microstructure can be designed for a positive or negative image, since the material designs are computer generated and can be fabricated inexpensively. Upon further reflection, it seems that the films could also be used as a light shaping mechanism, which would allow and OLED lighting panel to deliver the light in a non-Lambertian format, an area that has be brought up as a negative for OLEDs compared to LEDs, which by their nature are point sources and shapeable.

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